Home Assistant Initial Setup

So.. you’ve just installed Home Assistant and now you need to get everything setup?

The Home Assistant initial setup is actually surprisingly straightforward and really is just the case of following the instructions presented on screen.

Where it gets a bit more complicated is adding any devices which aren’t found automatically during the initial installation.

How to setup Home Assistant

We assume you’ve gone through the initial installation process for your device of choice, be that a raspberry pi, a docker image or (like me) hass.io in ESXI as a virtual machine.

Navigate to your install

Once you’ve got Home Assistant powered up and you’ve taken note of the IP address and port number, open up your favourite web browser and navigate to it.

My example below is;

Set your username and password

Your IP address may be different, but you should be greeted with the following screen;

Choose a Name, which will also self populate as your Username by default, although you can edit this.

Choose a password, preferably one that doesn’t suck, I personally like having chrome generate something random, or use a tool like this.

Name and locate your home

Next you want to give your home a name;

I decided to call my home, Home, how original

And set your location. If you click the DETECT button you’ll likely get an address pinpointed that is nowhere near where you live!

You can fine tune your address by clicking and dragging the pinpoint icon, or you can change this later in settings.

It’s actually useful to have your Home location set within Home Assistant as you can use this later to automate certain things.

Untick all these pointless things

Home Assistant is pretty sweet and is likely much more trustworthy than some other options, so you may decide you want to share all of this information to help the project.

I personally turn everything off (which is the default setting).

Allow Home Assistant to integrate all the devices and services it can find

Home Assistant will pick up some (probably not all) of your smart home devices automatically, some you may have even forgotten about.

Oh wait, I’ve got some smart plugs laying around plugged in somewhere?….

You can turn these all off and on later, I just let it add everything.


That’s it, you’ve successfully setup Home Assistant!

You may have seen YouTube videos, reddit posts or other blogs discussing about how Home Assistant is complicated, but you’ve just set it up in about 1 minute!

However, there is a little bit more to it than that..

Underwhelmed somewhat?

What next?

As you can see the basic Home Assistant Initial Setup really isn’t complicated, however as you can see from the above screenshot it doesn’t really do much “out of the box” and requires some additional setup to really get the most out of it.

Luckily we’ve got you covered, so let’s jump to some of the most popular things you’ll want to do next;

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