projectM not responding to music?

projectM is a popular music visualiser available to most platforms. Unlike most visualisers projectM is available on Amazon Fire TV.

The fundamentals to projectM are that you start your usual music playing service (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music etc) and the launch projectM which will then play a series of visualisations that react to the music bei8ng played.

Occasionally, some will find that the visualisations do not react to music. This is likely down to permission issues during installation. This guide will show you how to fix this.

It is worth noting that App permissions should usually be possible to modify in app settings on the Fire TV device. However, often permission options are greyed out. With this in mind this guide will focus on resolving the issue through ADB command line. This will need to be done from a laptop or desktop machine running Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS or Linux

Before you start this you will need to know the IP address of your fire TV device. to do this:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Go to ‘My Fire TV’
  3. Click on ‘About’
  4. Click on ‘Network’
  5. You will see you IP address noted similar to the below

Next you have to enable ADB Debugging on your Fire TV device.

  1. Got to Settings
  2. My Fire TV
  3. Developer Options
  4. ADB Debugging
  5. Turn on ADB Deugging

Now, head over to and download/install ADBLink

Once installed open ADB Link and connect to your Fire TV device as shown below.

Once ADB tries to connect you should see a prompt on your Fire TV device asking you to approve the ABD link connection. Click to approve.

If you are struggling to connect try disabling and re-enabling debugging mode on your Fire TV device until the message appears. Especially if you already had debugging enabled.

Once connected it should look like the below with IP connection showing under ‘Connections Status’.

Next you need to click the ‘ADB Shell’ button to open up the command line interface.

With the command window open copy and paste the below

adb shell pm grant com.psperl.projectMTV android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO

If you receive no errors and the window looks like the below, the permissions are now set the projectM will now react to your music. Note, you may need to restart projectM for this to take effect.

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