Home Assistant – Install the Yamaha MusicCast Integration

For MusicCast users interested in home automation its good news. Enabling MusicCast within Home Assistant is quite easy to do. once you have you devices added here are a few ideas for the use of home automation:

Before you begin I would suggest you follow our guide for assigning static IPs to MusicCast devices. As well as being good practice this will reduce the likelihood of failures or complication further down the line. The guide can be found at this link

Lets begin.

Adding the MusicCast Integration to Home Assistant

Get you device IPs

The first step is to get all your device IP addresses. If you already used our guide to set static IPs for your devices you will most likely have your IP addresses to hand.

If you do not have the IP addresses noted down simply:

Open the official Yamaha MusicCast app on your smartphone.

Click Settings.

Choose the device you wish to get the IP address for.

Scroll down to until you see the ‘information’. Click this.

As shown in the image you will see the IP address. Repeat this for all devices.

Open Home Assistant Integrations

Access the Integrations Menu

Add Integration

Click the Add Integration Button

Search for Yamaha and Select the Integration

Click Yamaha from the results as above.

Select MusicCast

Select MusicCast from the list as above.

Enter the IP of your Device

Enter the IP of the MusicCast device you wish to add. I have used for demonstration purposes but yours will likely be different.

Click Submit.

Repeat for additional devices

You will need to repeat this process for all your MusicCast devices. but as you can see, the process is simple – so it should not take too long.

So now you will have all your MusicCast devices available to Home Assistant.

I have found this integration extremely useful to automate my home entertainment. especially when coupled with Alexa voice commands. As a recap Alexa Voice commands can be enabled quite easily if you have a Samsung Smartthings Hub. Simply create virtual switches within Smartthings to enable automations. Please see this guide for reference.

If one of your ambitions for the MusicCast Integration is to manage music playback on one or multiple devices, including groups. Please follow our guide on how to do this.

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