Assign a Static IP to Home Assistant

Given the function Home Assistant will play in your Home Automation Environment, it is very important you ensure that you assign a static IP to your instance. This will ensure that any other devices or systems within your setup always know how to connect to Home Assistant within your network.

This process will require some basic technical understanding – in particular knowledge of how to access your routers settings.

Open II Configuration within Home Assistant

Set an IP within Home Assistants Configuration

Technically speaking this step might not be required as the subsequent step to configure your router could supersede this. However, some routers may only allow to to make static the current IP. So if you want this to be a specific IP its worth changing this directly within Home Assistant first.
Open Up your Home Assistant console. Click Supervisor from the left, select system from the top right. Find the IP address and click change.

Expand the IP v4 tab

Click the downward arrow next to IPv4.

Set IP detail

Arrow 1 = Click Static IP, this will open up the IP address detail that can be changed.
Arrow 2 = This is the IP address. In this example I have used You can change any address within your routers range (and is not in use).
I would advise going above as those addresses are less likely to have been already automatically assigned by your router.
Also the format of your range might be slightly different to mine. Yours might be for example. Please check this before assigning an address. Open a command prompt and type ‘ipconfig /all’ on your laptop/PC.
Final note. Often when assigning static IP’s you do not include /24 at the end. This is a requirement of home assistant and for most users /24 will work just fine.
Arrow 3 = the address of your router. Most likely or Again, check this using the command prompt.
Arrow 4 = DNS servers. this again will be the IP address of your router unless you are using an alternate DNS method (if you are you probably don’t need this guide).

Reboot Home Assistant

Press Supervisor > System > Click the Reboot Host option.

Reserve the IP address in your Router

Depending on the brand of your router the interface will look and feel slightly different to one another. However, the fundamental process of reserving a static IP is fairly standard.
Please see our separate guide for setting a static IP within a router. This example involves a TP-Link router.

You will now have a static IP assign to home assistant. This is a fundamental step to setting up Home Assistant and we recommend you do this before adding any devices or setting any automations within your Home Assistant environment.

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