Install HACS in Home Assistant

Home assistant has many built in Integrations and addons that are available from within the core ‘Integrations’ and Add-Ons menu’s. However, there is an additional addon store that is referred to as HACS (Home Assistant Community Store).

HACS offers a much larger pool of addons that is constantly being added to. However, HACS does not come ‘out of the box’ with Home Assistant and needs to be added separately. This guide will show you how that is done.

1. Create a GitHub Account.

You will need a github account to complete hacs installation. This will be required near the end of this guide. Head over to

2. Install SSH

Go to settings and select Addons

Click the blue addon store in the bottom right and type ssh in the search. Click on Terminal and SSH.

Now Click Install.

Click to start the addon. I would also recommend turning on ‘Watchdog’, ‘Auto-Update’ and ‘Show in sidebar’

3. Install HACS repository

You will now notice you have a ‘Terminal’ menu item on the left navigation pane. Click this.

Type the below code into the command window.

wget -O - | bash -

Hit the return key and the repository will install like below.

4. Install HACS from the repository.

Go to Settings > Integrations and Click ‘Add Integration’.

In the search window type ‘hacs’. You will see HACS appear as below.

Click to Acknowledge the terms, and then click submit.

You will now need to complete the device integration steps. Open the link and enter the key that is provided.

You will need to log in to github. If you do not have an account you will need to create one.

Be sure to confirm you authorisation

Once complete you will be congratulated accordingly!

Now simply go back to your Home Assistant session and you should see a window like below. Assign an area if you like and click finish.

HACS will now be installed.

Now, to use HACS, you will see it as a new entry on your main side navigation pane.

Now have a browse around and see what addons and integrations work for you. Enjoy!

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