Change Stream Deck Profile based on open Application

The Elgato Stream deck is a popular piece of hardware primarily designed for gamers/streamers/youtubers but also also widely adopted by professionals, home automation geeks or anyone who needs to execute multiple actions quickly and easily, but did you know you could change stream deck profile based on open application?

This is an incredibly useful function of the Stream Deck and allows you take your automation of tasks to the next level, whilst making the most of the (limited) screen real estate, particularly on (cheaper) models.

What is the Stream Deck?

The Elgato Stream Deck is a hardware device that provides quick access to a customizable set of functions or actions. It features multiple LED keys (or knobs, switches depending on the model) that can be programmed to perform various tasks, such as launching applications, adjusting audio levels, controlling lighting systems, and more.

The Stream Deck software allows you to create and customize your own profiles, which determine what each key does, where this gets interesting is that you can create custom default profiles based on which application you have running in the foreground, which means you can do some really clever stuff.

How to Change Stream Deck Profile based on open Application

How to Change Stream Deck Profile based on open Application

Total Time: 3 minutes

Open the Stream Deck application

Open the Stream Deck Application (default location: C:\Program Files\Elgato\StreamDeck)

Make a new profile

Click on the drop down arrow next to ‘Default Profile’ (this may be called something different if you have renamed it previously) and click ‘New Profile’.

Add some shortcuts

Add whatever you like to the profile, I have added a link to a website and a hotkey for Alt+F4

Edit the profile

Click the drop down arrow under the profiles name and click ‘Edit Profiles…’

Rename the profile

This step is optional, but it’s best practice to give the profile a memorable name.

Select which application you’d like this Stream Deck profile to switch to when that specific application is running

Select the application you would like the Stream Deck profile you have just created to automatically switch to when the Stream Deck app window is closed and the chosen application is in the foreground.


Now whenever you open the chosen application the Steam Deck profile you just created will automatically open!

Word of warning!

It can be a bit cumbersome to try and get back to your default Stream Deck profile if something goes wrong!

Set a default profile

It’s wise to set a Default Profile, before, or immediately after following this guide, this will ensure the Stream Deck automatically switches back to your primary profile when you are not actively using the previously set application.

You can do that by clicking ‘Edit Profiles…’ and then ensuring you have selected ‘Make this my default profile’.

Add a shortcut to the default profile

You can also add a button to your Stream Deck to switch back to your default profile

Select Stream Deck > Switch Profile

Set the profile you would like the button to switch to


Setting multiple profiles on a Stream Deck in this way allows you to automatically switch between different sets of actions and functions depending on the task or activity you are performing.

Some benefits of having multiple profiles include:

  1. Customization: You can create profiles that are tailored to specific tasks, applications, or games, providing quick access to the functions you need for each.
  2. Increased efficiency: Having multiple profiles which automatically open when you switch between different workflows can reduce the time you spend navigating menus or searching for the right function.
  3. Organization: By separating your functions into different profiles, you can keep your Stream Deck keys organized and free from clutter, making it easier to find the functions you need when you need them (or if you have OCD).
  4. Reduce costs: The larger multi key Stream Decks can be quite expensive, naturally the smaller devices are the cheapest and therefore making the most out of that real estate can mean saving money on needing to upgrade.

In summary, having multiple profiles on a Stream Deck can help you to streamline your work, increase efficiency, and maintain organization, allowing you to get more done in less time and it looks cool when it automatically switches.

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