How to enable Microsoft Teams high contrast mode

High contrast mode is often neglected in applications.

Whilst many applications now include a dark mode option, it’s much less common for them to include a high contrast mode, which is a shame if it’s something that you benefit from.

Fortunately Microsoft Teams does include a high contrast mode and it’s very easy to enable.

In this quick guide we’ll detail step by step how you go about switching to the high contrast mode from the standard light mode.

How to enable high contrast mode in Microsoft Teams

Follow the steps below to enable high contrast mode in Microsoft Teams

Total Time: 2 minutes

Step 1

Open Microsoft Teams.

Step 2

Click your profile picture / account (top right)

Step 3

Click Settings

Step 4

Click General (it should default to this tab)

Step 5

Select High contrast from within the Theme section


There you have it, you’ve successfully enabled High contrast mode in Microsoft Teams in under 2 minutes!

While High contrast mode certainly isn’t for everyone, we do appreciate that Microsoft has included it.

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