How to automatically Bcc in Outlook

There are many reasons why you might want to setup a rule to automatically Bcc in outlook.

Perhaps you want every email you send to be integrated into a CRM system that accepts email input, or maybe you are having issues with sent emails going missing and want a way to track them.

While the method below doesn’t technically Bcc all sent emails, the outcome is the same as it creates a copy of those emails in your Bcc folder.

Creating a Rule to send a copy of all sent Emails

The process is quite simple, in this example, we are copying every sent email into a new folder in Outlook.

You could change Step 7 in order to have the email also be sent to an external email address.

The screenshots show the latest version of Outlook included with Microsoft 365, but will be very similar to other versions of Outlook included with older versions of Microsoft office

The below tutorial explains how to create a rule to automatically Bcc Emails in Outlook

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1

Click File

Step 2

Click Manage Rules & Alerts

Step 3

Click New Rule

Step 4

Click Apply rule on messages I send

Step 5

Click Next (you’ll receive a warning)

Step 6

Click Yes

Step 7

Tick Move a copy to the specified folder

Step 8

Click the word specified at the bottom of the screen

Step 9

Select an existing folder or click New to create one

Step 10

Name the folder

Step 11

Select the folder you just created

Step 12

Click Next

Step 13

Click Next to skip adding any exceptions

Step 14

Click Finish to turn on and run your rule


So there you have it, you now know how to automatically Bcc in Outlook for Microsoft 365.

As a plus, you also know how to automatically Bcc in Outlook 2010, how to automatically Bcc in Outlook 2013 and how to automatically Bcc in Outlook 2016 as the process hasn’t changed!

Hopefully the process doesn’t change any time soon, but if it does we’ll be sure to keep the article updated.

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