How to Add Bluetooth Headphones to Your Computer

Bluetooth headphones are increasing in popularity. Mobile phone provers are starting to ditch the cable and the need to hold zoom calls is exploding. The ease that comes with Bluetooth headsets makes them a must have accessory for all your devices. While most might now be familiar using Bluetooth head/earphones with your phones its good to know that you can also use them with your windows 10 computer. So how do we do it? The following guide will walk you through it.

First up, get hold of some Bluetooth headphones or earphones. Ideally have a separate set for both your mobile and windows purposes – this will prevent issues with multiple devices fighting to connect to them. I prefer to keep separate earphones for separate devices. If you only have one pair and they are already connected to your phone it is probably best turning of the Bluetooth on your phone right now.

Step 1 – Open up the Bluetooth Settings on you Windows 10 Device

  • Left Click the windows icon in the bottom left corner and click the settings ‘cog’ just above power button.
  • In the settings windows type ‘bluetooth in the search bar and select ‘Bluetooth and other device settings’

Step 2 – Add Your Bluetooth Device

  • Ensure your Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Click Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • At this point ensure your headphones / earphones are in pairing mode
  • Select Bluetooth
  • If your headphones are in pairing mode it will appear in the search list. Click it.
  • If prompted to pair the device choose yes.
  • Your device is now paired.

You can now use your Bluetooth headphones with your computer, to zoom, listen to music, stream videos or just given everyone else some peace.

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