How to add a Static IP to TP link Archer VR Series Routers Router

This guide specifically covers TYP-Link Archer VR400 TP-Link Archer VR600 & TP-Link Archer VR900 model routers. The operating system for other TO link models will be very similar to the archer series so this guide will probably help you manage all TP-Link series routers.

The Archer VR series is a very good after market router for people who have BT, SKY, EE, TalkTalk or other UK based fibre broadband providers. As it will connect to the service straight out of the box and offers much better performance than bundled routers.

The principle of static IPs is not limited to TP-Link routers. Most brands of routers allow this functionality and the terminology used here will be very similar if not identical for other router brands.

Often the need arises to ensure your networked devices have static IP’s, especially for those embarking on home automation. This guide will show you how its done.

Please note, it is highly recommended you update the firmware of your router to at latest version from here . A bug in previous versions caused issues assigning static IPs.

Assign Static IPs in Archer VR 400 Router.

Login to the router.

Enter the IP address of your router into a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge). If you are unsure, the default address is usually or If you did not set the router up check with whoever did. Also confirm the username and password. If you have lost the username/password you will need to factory reset the router and set it up from scratch again.

Click Advanced Settings

The basic Settings Menu is the first displayed. Click Advanced as shown in the image.

Open LAN Settings

On the left Menu Click Network and from the expanding menu select LAN settings

Scroll down to ‘Address Reservation’

Click Add

Select the add button.

Click Scan

This will scan the network for attached devices and display them to you.

Find the either MAC address or current IP of the device you wish to reserve

The MAC address of the device will be shown on the back of the device. Alternatively you may know the current IP of the device. You will need either of these to locate the correct device for the reservation. Notice only 8 devices show and you have to click through further devices using the arrows in the bottom left.

Click the Plus Symbol

When you have located you device click the plus symbol

Click Save

Click Save to reserve the IP address for your device. Repeat as necessary

That’s it, your done.

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