Update Stadia Controller to work with Bluetooth on PC

Stadia was a cloud gaming service developed by Google. It allowed users to stream video games on compatible devices such as TVs, computers, and smartphones, without the need for a console or high-end gaming computer.

The service used Google’s data centers to run the games, which were then streamed to the user over the internet.

The service was launched in 2019, but in December 2022 Google announced that it would be shutting down its consumer service to focus on enterprise customers.

Whilst Google did refund hardware and software purchases, they did is leave users with a pointless controller that they couldn’t use (as it previously connected via Wi-Fi directly to google stadia), until now with the introduction of the Stadia Bluetooth Mode.

In this article we are going to look at the process of how to update Stadia Controller to work with Bluetooth on PC. This also allows it to work on other devices.

Stadia Bluetooth Mode

Whilst it is sad that Stadia has now been shutdown, the good news is you can convert the stadia (Wi-Fi) controller to Bluetooth mode to be used on your PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android / iOS devices!

Thanks google 🙂

I gave my controller the update today and this is what I did;

Stadia Bluetooth Mode Update Tutorial

Total Time: 5 minutes

Visit the Stadia Bluetooth Mode Website

Go to https://stadia.google.com/controller/index_en_GB.html and click ‘Switch to Bluetooth mode’

Select switch to Bluetooth mode

Select ‘Switch to Bluetooth mode’ and click ‘Start’. WARNING this switch is permenant!

Accept ToS

Accept the Terms of Service and click ‘Start’

Plug in your Stadia controller

Plug in your controller and click ‘Continue’. NOTE I did not charge my controller prior, but you probably should

Allow Chrome to verify your controller

Click ‘Allow Chrome to verify’

Accept the verification prompt

Select your Stadia controller by clicking on it and the clicking ‘Connect’

Controller verified

Click ‘Next Step’ after verification succeeds

Unlock your Stadia Controller

Unplug your controller, hold ‘…’ whilst plugging back in, then press ‘…’, ‘Stadia Button’, ‘A’ & ‘Y’ all at once

Download Bluetooth mode update

Click ‘Allow Chrome to Download’

Accept the device

Select ‘SP Blank RT Family’ and click ‘Connect’

Verify that the download is complete

Check that it says Download complete and click ‘Next step’

Install Bluetooth mode

Click @Allow Chrome to install’

Select the device

Select ‘USB COMPOSITE DEVICE’ and click ‘Connect’

Install Bluetooth mode

Wait whilst installing Bluetooth mode update. WARNING Don’t unplug your controller


If everything worked, you have successfully updated your Stadia controller to Bluetooth mode

Turn on Bluetooth on your Stadia controller

So there you have it, you’ve “upgraded” your stadia controller to include Bluetooth!

All there is to do now is to connect your controller to the device of your choice.

To turn your controller on in Bluetooth mode simply hold ‘Y’ & ‘Stadia Button’ for two seconds until the status light flashes orange.

You should then be able to pair it with any compatible devices.


Whilst we are sad to see Stadia go, Google did a solid in releasing an update to allow you to update the Stadia controller to Bluetooth mode. The stadia controller is surprisingly well built and it makes an excellent controller for PC games.

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