Does LinkedIn have a dark mode? How to activate

Have you noticed the new dark mode trend that’s been taking over the internet lately? Were you wondering does linkedin have a dark mode? Well, the long awaited answer is now yes, LinkedIn, the go-to platform for professional networking, is jumping on the bandwagon and has recently rolled out dark mode!

Dark mode gives the interface a modern and sleek look, reduces eye strain and helps save battery life on your mobile device. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what dark mode is and how you can turn it on for LinkedIn.

So, What’s Dark Mode All About?

Dark mode is a design trend that switches the background color from light to dark, usually with a deep black or gray color.

The text and other elements are usually displayed in light colors, like white, making it easier to read and reducing eye strain in low-light environments.

Why is LinkedIn Jumping on the Dark Mode Bandwagon?

It’s a pretty slick way to give your device a fresh new look and lot’s of other Microsoft applications have implemented Dark Mode in recent years such as Microsoft teams, so it’s no surprise to see Microsoft roll it out on their business focussed social network.

LinkedIn has been testing dark mode on its mobile and desktop apps and it’s been a hit with users. With more and more of us spending hours on digital devices, dark mode is a popular and practical way to reduce eye strain and make browsing a more comfortable experience. Plus, it helps save battery life too since darker screens use less power.

How to turn on dark mode in LinkedIn

How to turn on dark mode in LinkedIn (Web browser)

Total Time: 1 minute

Click on your profile

Click on your profile picture, labelled ‘Me’ in the top right corner

Click Settings & Privacy

Click the link to settings & Privacy

Select Dark Mode

Click ‘Dark Mode’ from within the ‘Display’ section

Enable Dark Mode

Click ‘Dark Mode’

Final Thoughts

Dark mode on LinkedIn is a cool and stylish way to give the interface a fresh look, reduce eye strain, and save battery life.

Personally I use dark mode on every application that supports it so I’m really pleased to see this feature rolled out on LinkedIn.

With the feature now available on both the mobile app and desktop website, you can easily switch to dark mode and enjoy a more comfortable browsing experience. Whether you’re working late into the night or just prefer a darker background, dark mode is definitely worth giving a try.

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