Send Push Notifications from Home Assistant

Home assistant automations can be sued to send push notifications to your smartphone. This can be useful to let you know when certain lights have been left on at certain times of the day or doors are being opened when you are not home. The list is quite endless and all depends on your needs.

In order to use this function you MUST have the Home Assistant App installed on your smartphone and have it logged in to your Home Assistant Instance. If you have this then lets begin.

If you want this to work when you are away from your home you will need to complete our guide for enabling external access to Home Assistant. The guide can be found here

Send Push Notifications from Home Assistant

Find your smartphone device name within Home Assistant

Go to Setting > Devices & Services and Select the ‘Devices’ List.

I am doing this test on a Samsung Galaxy M51 and found it easiest to just search for ‘samsung’.

Once located take a note of the device name.

Create an Automation

Go to Settings > Automations & Scenes and select the create a new Automation

Create the Automation

Now add the detail of your automation. For this example I have set a door sensor that I have monitoring my external garage door. When the garage door is opened it triggers the automation.

Complete the detail as above – customising to your needs.

Note that core element is to select as an Action ‘Call Service’ and selecting the ‘Notifications: Send a notification via mobile_app_sm_m515f’ as the service. Change the ‘sm_m515f’ part of the service to match the name of your handset. When you start typing auto-complete options should be presented and this will be in the list. If it is not you will need to confirm you have the phone logged into your Home Assistant instance.

Don’t forget to click save! Try to use a naming convention that makes your automations easier to navigate as the number of automations you have grows. An example would be ‘Push Notification – Garage Door Open’


Complete a test and you should receive a notification as above.

And that’s all there is to it. Try it for yourself.

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