How To Install Homebridge in ESXI

Homebridge is an excellent piece of software which allows you to integrate products into Apple Homekit.

You can find out more about homebridge on their official website and there are numerous different ways to run homebridge within your home;

However, it’s not so obvious how to run homebridge within ESXI, but from experience, I can tell you that it’s definitely possible (and easy) to do!

Installing Homebridge in ESXI

Installing Homebridge in ESXI

  1. Download the homebridge ISO file.

    Click here to download the latest homebridge-vm-image.iso (70 MB) ISO file.

  2. Create a new virtual machine in ESXI

    Create a VM in ESXI

    Create a new virtual machine

    Give it a name and select Guest OS Family and Guest OS Version
    Linux -> Other Linux (64bit)

  3. Configure your virtual machine with the following settings

    RAM: 1GB Minimum
    CPU: 1+
    HDD: 8GB virtual hard disk (thin / dynamic)
    Important: Use a SATA / IDE Controller (SCSI controllers will not work)
    Network Adapter: VM Network
    ISO: homebridge-vm-image.iso (this must stay permanently attached).

  4. Power On Your VM

  5. Connect to the address shown in the console window

    Open up your favourite web browser and navigate to the IP address shown in the console eg:

  6. Complete!

    That’s it, now all you need to do is add the device to Homekit by scanning the QR code which is generated on the homepage.

    You can then setup integrations which you can do by searching the Plugins section of the application

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