Add Spotify Integration to Home Assistant

Home Assistant has Spotify Integration readily available from within the default integrations options. You must have a Spotify account in order to enable this integration. If you do not have on head over to Spotify and create an account. If youi already have an account make sure you have your login details to hand.

Lets begin.

1) Create an App within the Spotify Developer Panel

Head over to and login with your Spotify account details.

You should see a screen similar to the below. Click to ‘Create an App’.

Enter an App Name and description if you like. You will also need to confirm you agree to the T’s & C;’s

Click Create.

Once the App is create you should be taken to a screen like below. You need to click the ‘Show Client Secret’ text. Take a note of the ‘Client ID’ and the ‘Client Secret’. Its probably easier to just leave this window open as you move to the next steps.

2. Add the Call Back URL into the Spotify App Settings

In your Spotify App click ‘ Edit Settings’

Enter the below into the redirect URL field and click Add.

When complete don’t forget to click ‘Save’!!

3. Enable The Spotify Integrations within Home Assistant

Open a new browser window into Home Assistant (use a new browser window so you don’t close the Spotify developer page).

Go to Settings And Select ‘Devices & Services’

Search for Spotify and Click on the Spotify Integration

Enter Spotify for the Name and enter the ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret’ from the Spotify Developer App page.

Agree to the Terms and Conditions

You should now see a ‘Success’ window. Add an area if you like and click ‘finish’.

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